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Almalaurea AFAM

Music UP 10 Project. Fifth International Symposium of Music Pedagogues

What schooling for enfants prodiges?
The role of pedagogical knowledge in music comes spectacularly to the fore in training courses for highly gifted children. In this context, sadly considered out of the ordinary, musical pedagogy finds itself having to furnish its most refined skills in an evident conflict with one of the universal assumptions of general pedagogy, namely, the constant stress on a child's psychophysical balance. While this important and sophisticated dynamic balance has been defined by cognitive and behavioural standards in constant evolution but socially and culturally known, highly gifted children typically display a significant alteration in the parameters most affected in its definition. In particular, they often possess a very high IQ along with unusual psychological and behavioural traits, in addition to their exceptional musical qualities and potential. Musical training courses dedicated to them have taken into serious consideration all the scientific studies useful to optimize time, energy and results, and are differentiated from typical courses, as well as from each other, precisely in the different balance between specific musical skills and psycho-pedagogical tools. We therefore asked ourselves what importance the pedagogical contribution actually has in these special courses and to what extent it can prove empowering and/or fundamental with respect to the anticipated results. The possibility to trace a clear relationship between the pedagogical actions used and the determined instrumental results found offers food for thought that is useful in correctly including special training in musical institutions, providing them with suitable organizational means and intellectual resources.

The Fifth International Symposium of Music Pedagogues,  Music Pedagogy in the Context of Present and Future Changes, will take place at the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula (Croatia), from 18 to 20 May 2017.